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Parques y naturaleza en Kedah

Las mejores recomendaciones de la gente local para disfrutar la naturaleza

“Entopia began its journey with David Goh, a young teacher with interest and passion for butterflies. Simply inspired, he set out to establish a tropical butterfly farm as a tourist destination in Penang. In 1986, this self-taught entomologist, founded the tropical world’s first butterfly and insect sanctuary, known as the Penang Butterfly Farm. Over the years, Penang Butterfly Farm had been visited by more than 5 million local and international visitors, and it became the pride and joy of Penang. During its prime, it garnered many awards and was voted by visitors of TripAdvisor, acclaiming to be one of the best destinations in Penang.”
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Centro comercial
“Straits Quay is a shopping mall-cum-marina in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. It is located at Seri Tanjung Pinang, a newly developed township that sits on reclaimed land within the George Town suburb of Tanjung Tokong. Address: Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 10470 Tanjong Tokong, Penang Malaysia ”
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“It is one of the largest and finest temples complexes in Southeast Asia. Kek Lok Si Temple is not just a center for Chinese culture and Buddha teaching, but also an unique heritage treasures that have Mahayana Buddhism and traditional Chinese rituals blend into a harmonious whole, in temple architecture and daily activities of worshipers.”
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“From Penang National Park near Butterworth you can see great beaches along with some gorgeous trails. There are two trails to follow here, one will take you to the Kerachut Beach and the other will take you to a very old lighthouse made in 1883. You can see amazing Turtle Conservation Centre at Kerachut Beach. If you love trekking and swimming, you need to go to the Penang National Park.”
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“your arrival will be greeted by cheeky monkeys your eyes will be amazed by the various types of protected plants, flowers and trees. Local favorite spot for picnic, running and relaxing spot”
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Entretenimiento en general
“Penang’s Highest Iconic Entertainment Tower Discover the largest and the best indoor theme park The Top Penang which offers you more than 18 themed attractions in one iconic destination.”
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Jardín de esculturas
“Amazing experience guaranteed, beautiful lightnings and great sea view. Open till 12am”
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“A sure relaxing place to just take an early morning stroll or evening exercise. Meet the locals and join them for Tai-Chi, vocal practice, hiking and just walk round and round...There is a bamboo park, an amazon lily pond, and lots of local floral and fauna. After a good morning stroll, as you exit the park and opposite the Indian temple, drop by BeeBee for a healthy capati or LSY Organic for a healthy breakfast. There are also two fruit stalls that make Pure fresh fruits smoothie. For a hearty breakfast, there is Big Ben Western and Garden Paradis next to it.”
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“This is the highest point in whole Penang state (Penang Island and mainland). To go up, you can either take the cable car (approximately 7mins journey or jungle track). It is similar to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong”
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“Highly recommended for tropical jungle experience. Visit their website for more details”
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“Magnificent Beach together with many shops and restaurants. All you need in one place.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
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“The view was be nice at the night time Fresh Air & Nice Weather David’s Brown Restaurant the foods was nice In night time can enjoy the drink and life-band music”
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“This is one of the owner's favorite places in the world. The road up Gunung Raya is ~12Km long, it takes you through the various strata of tropical rain forest. Wind the windows down on your car to experience the sounds and smells of nature. The best times to go are early morning before before 9:30am and late afternoon about 6pm as you might be lucky enough to see and hear Great and Lesser Hornbills leaving or returning to their nests. On a clear day it is worth the trip any time during daylight hours. The vistas across the island at many of the parking spots give a great sense of the island. DO NOT visit during or just after heavy rain. Landslips do happen and the road isn't great.”
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“Penang Bird Park is the first and largest bird park in Malaysia. Established in 1988, the RM1.2 million complex is home to over 300 species of birds (150 of which are of local origin) ranging from kingfishers and tiny exotic sunbirds to vulturine guineafowl and huge, gigantic eight ft-tall ostriches. Located in Seberang Jaya, within the beautifully- landscaped, five-acre Penang Bird Park are two walk-in aviaries and two geodesic-domed enclosures, resembling the birds’ natural habitat. This allows for free roaming pelicans, flamingos, swans, storks mandarin ducks and other kinds of birds. ”
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