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“Are you a Fashion Victim obsessed with Made in Italy designers? Go and take advantage of the huge discount that every shop offers. 30 minutes by car ( busses available)”
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“One of my favourites places, filled with all the most famous statues of one of the greatest sculptors of all times. ”
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“This is THE museum of the city. Expositions change every year, see website.”
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“The Museum had closed in 2003 for urgent renovations, but its redevelopment project began to flesh out only in 2010. And in 2015, finally, it was time for a new inauguration. The new entrance of the “Luigi Bailo” Civic Museum in Treviso features an interesting cross-shaped façade by Padua’s Studiomas Architetti Associati and Austrian architect Heinz Tesar. It is a composition of eight artificial stone slabs standing out against a backdrop of white marmorino, located on the southern end of a 15th century monastery that was terribly damaged by bombings during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1952. The Bailo Museum – named after the priest who in the late 1800s founded a “Treviso Museum” in this same spot, showcasing paintings and sculptures from various periods and countries, as well as some noteworthy Renaissance pieces – is now home to a 20th century art collection that includes the largest existing collection of works by Arturo Martini, with over 130 pieces between stone sculptures, plaster casts, objects in terracotta, ceramic and bronze, and works of graphic art. ”
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“Cuore della città e salotto dei Trevigiani, palcoscenico del film "Signori e Signore" con Virna Lisi. The main square, sorrounded by numerous open-air cafés. ”
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Natural Feature
“In 1 hour by car you can reach the mountain where the Battles of Monte Grappa were fought during the World War I”
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“The status — and location — of Treviso's municipal museum has been the subject of some confusion for almost a decade, as its original building on Borgo Cavour has been undergoing a long (and some say endless) restoration. Happily, the contents have been moved to the Santa Catarina complex, which has been repurposed to display them. You will still see confusing references to the old location, but don't be misled. The artistic highlights of the Museo Civico are the frescoes by Tommaso da Modena and Girolamo da Treviso, and paintings by Bellini, Titian, Lotto, Pisanello, and many other artists. Perhaps Tommaso da Modena's best-known works are here, his fresco cycle depicting the life of St. Ursula. But don't stop with the art: the archaeological collections are impressive and well displayed. Address: Piazzetta Mario Botter 1, Treviso”
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Centro comercial
“Se appassionati alla natura ed alle sue meraviglie, si consiglia una visita a questo parco dove sono state re-impiantate tante tra le diverse specie di alberi d'alto fusto autoctone. Il parco fluviale del Sile, con la sua pista ciclabile che arriva fino al mare, a Jesolo, é altrettanto consigliato. Le bici si possono noleggiare in diversi punti all'interno delle mura della cittá.”
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“Best pizza in town! Wood fired ovens crisp up a variety of pizza specialties. Despite indoor and outdoor seating for hundreds, the service is remarkably fast. If you’re looking for pizza, this is the obvious choice. ”
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“Bike or walk along the Sile River! One of the most popular things to do in Treviso, for both locals and tourists, is walking or cycling through the Natural Regional Park along the Sile River. The park protects more than 10,000 acres of meadow, wetlands, and river. You can follow the river in either direction, passing villas, settlements, even the Cimitero dei Burci, a "cemetery" of old commercial boats that once used the river for trade. They were abandoned and sunk here in protest when the river was closed to navigation. ”
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“The Regional Natural Park of the River Sile includes a protected area that follows the course of the river Sile which crosses the Veneto Region touching the cities of Treviso, Padua and Venice.”
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“Beautiful Caves!!! Nice way to spend a few hours getting fresh air and step back from reality. It doesn't take much time to walk through but it is certainly worth the trip. The wood does get a bit slippery, just take your time. There is also a restaurant at the end.”
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Place to eat
“Ottime birre ed eventi tutto l'anno. Great beer and restaurant, events throughout the year.”
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Natural Feature
“E' un vasto altipiano che si eleva dalla pianura sottostante oltre i 1.000 metri di altitudine. E' coronato da cime come il Monte Pizzoc (m. 1.565), il Monte Cavallo e altre. Il territorio è quasi tutto ricoperto da alberi di faggio e abete rosso che fanno vivere emozioni diverse a seconda delle stagioni. Sono presenti fenomeni carsici come il Bus de la Lum , il Bus della Genziana e l' Abisso del Col della Rizza i quali sono profondi rispettivamente 180 m, 585 m e 794 m. A settembre attrazione del bramito dei cervi.”
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“The Cathedral, in which you can see "Pala dell'Annunziata" a painting by Tiziano Vecellio, frescoes by Il Pordenone and the stunning crypt from which you can access to the Diocesan Museum. (Il Duomo, dove potete ammirare la pala d'altare di Tiziano Vecellio, affreschi de Il Pordenone e la splendida cripta, da cui potete accedere al Museo Diocesano)”
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“Take a tour of Palladio's Villa Barbaro on the weekends, or catch the Cherry Festival held just outside in June. 10min drive.”
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