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“Visit the graves of the rich and famous. If you don't want to pay to see the final resting place of Tchaikovsky or Dostoevsky, you can go through to the cemetery of the monastery for free, lots of revolutionaries and post-revolutionary heroes are buried here in lovely tree-lined grounds.”
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Outdoor Event Space
“Golitsyn Loft-the first creative quarter, which United 5 buildings, one of which - an old mansion of the XVIII century in front of the Engineering castle. Golitsyn Loft-the first creative quarter, which United 5 buildings, one of which is an old mansion of the XVIII century in front of the Engineering castle, where the Turgenev brothers lived, who were friends with Alexander Pushkin. According to legend, the great poet wrote his famous ode "Liberty"here. It is also known that the mansion held meetings of the literary society "Arzamas". Now the loft is located more than hundreds of projects, with its basis in the creative instrumentalization. This free space "Hamburg", an incredible number of showrooms, tattoo and design studios, bars, restaurants, creative workshops and much more.”
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Tienda de dónuts
“Russian donuts. This place very old and works since the time of the USSR. Еhere may be a queue.”
  • Recomendado por 45 personas locales
Point of Interest
“Если вам посчастливится купить билет на спектакль с Алисой Фрейндлих или Олегом Басилашвили, это будет настоящий праздник!”
  • Recomendado por 26 personas locales
Tienda de electrónica
“Trendy art space filled with book stores, art galleries, cafes, and the terrace offering the view over the city”
  • Recomendado por 26 personas locales
Restaurante italiano
“Great food, italian chef, lively ambiance, reasonable prices for food (not for wine though)”
  • Recomendado por 51 personas locales
Restaurante de cocina mediterránea
“Good food, good drinks, and good rooftop views. A definite must do in Summer!”
  • Recomendado por 34 personas locales
Restaurante de cocina judía
“Always lots of people, very vivid and you can have a snack there even after midnight! ”
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“Есть все необходимое в повседневной жизни: популярные бренды одежды, обуви, магазины косметики, кофейни, кинотеатр, игротека для детей”
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Science Museum
“1930's museum set in an old church and hardly an update since. They don't make models like these any more. It's a museum in itself, worthwhile to see how it was done back in the day. ”
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“The Summer Garden is home to marble statues acquired from Europe, and also to rare flowers and plants, as well as fountains. Free admission.”
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“Two bus stops from home to Vitebsky railway. You can jump on any bus. •До Витебского ж/д вокзала две автобусные остановки от дом.”
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“Barocco masterpiece, created by Rastrelli. Very tender white and blue cathedral dazzles imagination. Built in 18th century.”
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“Адмиралтейство было одним из первых зданий, построенных Петром Великим в новом городе. Первые упоминания о нем встречаются уже в 1704 году. первоначально в Главном Адмиралтействе располагались верфи, склады и военно-морские службы, а начиная с 1718 года Адмиралтейств-коллегия, служившая главным административным органом, заведовавшим морскими делами Империи. Адмиралтейство одним своим фасадом выходит на набережную невы, а другим обращено в Александровский сад. Крышу Адмиралтейства венчает шпиль с корабликом, который стал самым узнаваемым символом Петербурга наряду с Медным всадником. Адмиралтейский кораблик является неотъемлемой частью так называемой небесной линии города.”
  • Recomendado por 9 personas locales