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Mitsuki & Yukako
Mitsuki & Yukako
January 22, 2020
There is the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum on Shukkeien.
April 19, 2018
A large and beautiful Japanese garden! It attracts the people from all over the countries. You may enjoy Japanese culture and atmosphere!
September 12, 2017
SHUKKEIEN was constructed at the order of Asano nagaakira, daimyo(feudal lard) of Hiroshima, as the garden for the lord’s nilla. It was built by Ueda Soko, a famous master of the rea ceremony. The pond at the center of the garden contains more than 10 islets, both large and small. Mountains,…
April 14, 2017
Shukkei en Japanese Traditional Garden So beautiful!
March 31, 2017
Lovely any time of year. The garden is even home to a ginko tree that survived the atomic bomb blast. It's conveniently located, cheap to enter (about 500Y), and it's right next to the prefectural art museum. Don't forget to buy fish food for the begging carp in the pond!

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Feria de comidas
“Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki is characterized by having a variety of ingredient -- batter, egg, pork, noodles,etc. -- piled on top of each other in tantalizing layers.”
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Tram Station
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Museo de arte
“Self-taught, Hiroshima-born artist Tadashi Tonoshiki (1942-1992) was heralded for meticulously executed paintings and prints in which he dealt with his and his parents’ experiences of the atomic bomb. In later years, based on a critical view of contemporary consumer society, Tonoshiki created dynamic installations using waste and flotsam as materials. Then, just as anticipation was running high for his work, he suddenly died at the age of 50. Looking back on Tonoshiki’s career on the 25th anniversary of the artist’s death, this exhibition attempts to determine his significance in the present day.”
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Sitio histórico
“The contrast between the ruins of the dome and the scenic riverside is profound”
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“1955年に建てられた記念館。2万1000点以上もの収蔵品を見る事ができ、修学旅行や外国からの旅行者が最も良く訪れる場所である。 The museum was opened in 1955, displaying over 21,000 items. It's the most popular visiting spot in Hiroshima for school trips, with visitors coming from all over Japan as well as from around the world”
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2, Hiroshima-ken 730-0014
Teléfono+81 82-221-3620
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