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Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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This is definitely my favorite pizza on the east side. The Caprese is my favorite.

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Their Sunday brunch is so good. Get the cheese plate and basically anything else :).

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This is a very trendy coffee shop that does some kind of hand brew and drip magic thats definitely worth a visit. They also have baked good and it's in an old mechanics shop. It's pretty cool eve... más información

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If you're going to go downtown this is the best of the best. Definitely check and make sure you see Brasil Billy when you go. They are by far the best classic country band in town. Also, try the... más información

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Their smoked almond salted caramel ice-cream sandwich is so damn good.

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This is a great vegetarian restaurant. They specialize in meat substitute sandwiches. It sounds gross but its super good.

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They always have great music here that isn't country and its not touristy.

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This is definitely the best of all the Country Music Museums in town. Its really big and the exhibits are constantly rotating.

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This is my favorite fancy not fancy restaurant in Nashville. the food is amazing and the atmosphere is very cool. I recommend the squid ink pasta, it sounds gross but it's really good. Actually ... más información

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My Favorite Japanese Restaurant

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There are always great art shows here.

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This is the best place to see music by far. The balcony seats are the best in the house. You can tour it during the day because it was the original home of The Grand Old Opry.

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There is a great disc golf course here. There are discs in the house for it.

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Centennial Park is pretty cool and there just happens to be a full size replica of the actual Parthenon there. The park has many events including free movies, music, festivals, and Shakespeare.

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This is a close shopping mall and it has an IMAX.

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This place has awesome crepes and coffee.

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This place serves authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Make sure you order before you get there it takes about 45 minutes to cook. I've never been able to eat more than one piece its so thick.

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This is a great locals venue to catch some non country acts and there is a music store upstairs.

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I think everyone needs to visit this hotel while they are here. It's pretty amazing and I don't use that word often. It's gigantic and like it's own world within a dome. It's free to walk around... más información

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If you want the original hot chicken then this is your spot. It's a must for any stay in Nashville.

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This place has recently been redone and shows unique films and shows.

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You gotta get one of their sea salt chocolate cronuts. They are so so good.

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This is probably why you came to Nashville in the first place. It's not the original home of the Opry but it's where all the shows are now. The Ryman is the original home and you should tour it too.

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This area of town is new and there are lots of trends spots here.

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I'd say its a bar but it's more like a classy burlesque club that's good for men and women. They also have good food and drinks.

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These guys make their own pasta and it's super good and super casual. Late nights they serve subs and they are delicious.

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This location is much smaller and they mostly have bordering. I like Climb Nashville West better but this one is closer to the house.

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This is my favorite Thai Spot. Try the Curry Rolls and order the India Noodle Soup with Fried Tofu.